In conversation with Pozible: a case study

Elevio is a SaaS business. We’ve created a software product, and most of the companies that use it are software businesses. Sometimes it can seem that software is it’s own little (or big) pond, and people who don’t know much about programming just aren’t part of it – the idea being that creativity and software Read More

How fantastic support can retain clients

As so many of our customers we got to know Torge from Checkdomain through a customer support ticket he sent through a while ago. Whenever someone sends through a question or has an issue, we usually check out their website and try to learn a bit about what they do and how elevio can help Read More

Managing customer success and building relationships

Nathan’s been with elevio for 6 months now, being responsible for customer support, building partnerships, and anything else that comes up outside of product and back-end development. After chatting to so many support people at other companies it made sense to talk to Nathan about his magic tricks for making and keeping customers happy. We Read More

Using Social Media for Customer Satisfaction

This is a guest post by Alex Ivanovs — Social media is not an exception to the rule when it comes to customer interaction, and indeed satisfaction. There has been no shortage of companies that have made mistakes on social media, and customers don’t hesitate to make their voice heard when it comes to distinct Read More

5 practical steps to free up more of your time

When you work in Customer Support you can easily spend all day answering tickets, replying to emails and reacting to notifications to check your inbox once more. Just as you’re about to start working on a different task another ticket pops up. It’s easy to get distracted and makes it hard to focus. I’m lucky Read More

In conversation with Bugherd: a case study

We’ve all been there before – wondering if we’re spending our time doing the right things, if what we’re working on is really making a difference, and whether we could make better use of the time that we’ve got. I’m a firm believer in focusing on your strengths, letting other people focus on theirs, and working Read More

Yet another Startup journey

6 months ago when my contract was about to finish, I started looking around. Met startups, NBN, RedBubble.. you name it. NBN wanted me, but didn’t have budget. RedBubble guy felt that I was not desperate enough in the first meeting (WTF, you looking for desperate guys!!!). Looking at my frustration, my wife said lets Read More