Customer Success

The 3 main pillars of great customer service

After having interviewed a number of different businesses on how their customer support works, a few common traits stand out that keep repeating themselves across different companies, simply being described in different ways. We’ve picked out the most common tips on how to build a great base for outstanding customer support to help you streamline Read More

How being proactive can lower costs and drive engagement

Be proactive and help your users out before they need to ask for help. How? By using self-service. With most of elevio’s customers being SaaS companies, it seems obvious that self-service is a big need especially for digital businesses. When interactions take place online there’s an underlying expectation to always be able to get help Read More

How to Enhance Customer Happiness with the IoT & AI

This is a guest post by TechnoloJen — Customer happiness remains the most important ingredient to business success. In fact, research featured by NetworkWorld revealed that 89% of companies will compete primarily in terms of customer experience. The rise in advanced technologies has provided enterprises with new platforms to reach their target market and increase Read More

In conversation with Pozible: a case study

Elevio is a SaaS business. We’ve created a software product, and most of the companies that use it are software businesses. Sometimes it can seem that software is it’s own little (or big) pond, and people who don’t know much about programming just aren’t part of it – the idea being that creativity and software Read More

How fantastic support can retain clients

As so many of our customers we got to know Torge from Checkdomain through a customer support ticket he sent through a while ago. Whenever someone sends through a question or has an issue, we usually check out their website and try to learn a bit about what they do and how elevio can help Read More

Managing customer success and building relationships

Nathan’s been with elevio for 6 months now, being responsible for customer support, building partnerships, and anything else that comes up outside of product and back-end development. After chatting to so many support people at other companies it made sense to talk to Nathan about his magic tricks for making and keeping customers happy. We Read More

Using Social Media for Customer Satisfaction

This is a guest post by Alex Ivanovs — Social media is not an exception to the rule when it comes to customer interaction, and indeed satisfaction. There has been no shortage of companies that have made mistakes on social media, and customers don’t hesitate to make their voice heard when it comes to distinct Read More