The Science of Gratitude

There have been many articles written on the benefits of gratitude. They’re usually published in science or mindfulness journals, or – come the new year – on happiness and self-development blogs. Not many of those articles talk about the benefits of gratitude in a business setting. There’s a whole area of psychology dedicated to business Read More

On the power of customer self-service: a case study

Sometimes we all get a little obsessed with tools – the ones that enable us to do our job more efficiently. Sure, tools matter and can make work easier, but at the core it is always about growth. If we want to be able to use tools successfully, we have to understand the underlying principles Read More

The Four Ways to Achieve Customer Happiness

Why has customer happiness only become important in the last 10 years? How do happy customers benefit me? Do I really eat 8 spiders while sleeping in my lifetime? These are all questions I had when I started looking at what exactly customer happiness is and why it’s all the rage these days. So come Read More

What time is your 3 o’clock parade?

Every day at Disney, the characters are asked the same seemingly obvious question from anxious guests who don’t want to miss out. They’ve got things on their mind, a million things to do, and a family of people pulling them in every direction. And so they ask, “what time is the 3 o’clock parade?” But Read More

Accelerator program practice questions

Making it to the interview stage for an accelerator program is a big deal, you’ve got yourself a chance to speak with some brilliant people and give you startup a real boost. It’s worth making sure you’re prepared for anything they can throw at you.