Accelerator program practice questions

Making it to the interview stage for an accelerator program is a big deal, you’ve got yourself a chance to speak with some brilliant people and give you startup a real boost. It’s worth making sure you’re prepared for anything they can throw at you.

You can’t fire a cannon from a kayak

We all want our graphs to be ‘up and to the right’, and it’s easy to think that to do that you need to pull out the big moves and just ‘go hard’ on user acquisition. But if you don’t have a system in place to backup these outlandish moves… you’ll sink.

Using our special Olark commands

One of the cool benefits of using Olark through elevio, is that we’ve put some extra effort into the integration and made custom commands that allow you to direct the user you’re chatting with to open a specific article or module inside your elevio tab.

Redesigning the widget

elevio has seen some really great growth over the past six months, and as more and more users have come onboard we decided that we needed to review, modify, and roll out a new and improved version of the widget.